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Promoting the best pubs & clubs in Benidorm and events

Club-it Benidorm is an independent company set up in 1997 in order to promote Benidorm's pubs and clubs and has been doing so ever since. The Club-it Discount Book offers unbeatable value for more with loads of free drinks, club passes, discounts on excursions and more. Within a short space of time we became the leading promoter of Benidorm's pubs and clubs not only because we could not be beaten on price but also due to the enthusiasm of our staff, ensuring club nights were always packed and that everyone had a good time.

Loyalty means a lot to us and today the Benidorm Discount Book still promotes many of the same pubs and clubs as it did from day one and we have made a few new additions on the way. Club-it has grown over the years and been involved in many activities and we now run a range of highly successful events througout the year.

Benidorm Beach Party's

Have you tried space hopper races in the sand, tried to paddle on Children's inflatable's?

Benidorm Bar Crawls

6 Hours, 6 Pubs, Free Drink, Games & Prizes What are you waiting for get out & enjoy yourself

Club Nights

One of our most popular club nights is for the ladies "Magic Boys Benidorm"

Stag & Hen Events

Expedita veritatis consequuntur nihil tempore laudantium vitae denat pacta

Club-it Team

Club-it owes a great deal to its staff, it is the one to one interaction with the tourist that ensures everyone is well informed and enjoys our Benidorm events. Club-it has moved on from its early days as a promotions company and is now an event organizer. Because of this we only have to focus on one thing, our events making them more successful and less costly than any one else could even attempt to do and being independent means they are open to absolutely anyone on holiday in Benidorm, in fact anyone is welcome to come along whether on holiday or not. We don’t just do holidays we make them better.

Our Benidorm Partners

Club-it Benidorm Events is fortunate to work with so many great venues and clubs in Benidorm.