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Benidorm Beach Club Party

The highlight of everyone's holiday must be the Sunkissed Benidorm Beach Party Club event at KU each and every Saturday from March 18th. Situated on the Levante beach in Benidorm this is within easy walking distance. This is a carnival atmosphere jam packed with fun. We have loads of games and wacky races.

Have you ever tried space hopper races in the sand and water races on kiddies inflatable's. There is tug of war pitting the nations against each other and so much more. We have plenty of stuff going on with whipped cream and ice cubes that for now we will just leave to your imagination.

We have our sexy GoGo dancers there male and female to add to the athmsophere, take part in the games and if you book VIP a special fun lap dance for your stag or hen to be enjoyed in the VIP

If you don't go to Sunkissed on Saturdays,

you might as well go home

Silent Disco Benidorm

In the afternoon we will have a silent disco in the gardens on 3 channel headsets with 3 different DJ's playing their heart out for your attention with hilarious results groups dancing to different beats. During siesta in Benidorm all bars need to turn the music down a notch by law so the silent disco will be the only venue in town where will still be able to deleiver you the best tunes with the best sound through your headsets.

KULounge Benidorm Beach Party Club

Ku beach club encompasses three sections and everything you'd expect from a beach club and more. A large, open-air terrace, with stunning views, inside is the elegant Ku Lounge and dance floor and out the back the lush gardens make the perfect destination for an unforgettable Benidorm stag or hen party. From its unbeatable location, to its vibrant atmosphere, there is something for everyone at this spectacular venue.

Visit the official Sunkissed website for more info about this Benidorm beach party club event..